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‘Da Vinci Huis - IASL Award Brasil’

The winner of the 2010 Award is Lilia Virginia Martins Santos

The winner of the 2011 Award is Carla Floriana Martins, (Taquatinga DF)

The winner of the 2012 Award is Fernanda Caires (Taboão - São Bernardo do Campo - SP)

The winner of the 2013 Award is Caroline da Rosa Ferreira Becker (Bibliotecária do Instituto Federal de Educação, Ciência e Tecnologia Catarinense (IF-C))

The winner of the 2014 Award is Cintia Franco Bastos of the Pan American School, Porto Alegre,  Rio Grande do Sul. www.panamerican.com.br

The winner of the 2015 Award is Rodrigo Barbosa de Paulo. (Marília - SP).  Details

The winner of the 2016 Award is Mr. Wander Martins Borges Filho from the Rede Educacional Franciscana / Colégio santo Antônio in Brasilia. 

The winner of the 2017 Award is Mrs. Yaciara Mendes Duarte from the Catholic Educational Center of Brasilia (Centro Educational Católica de Brasílía – CECB)


The award was established in 2009 to increase possibilities for young librarians in Brasil to participate actively in the international school library forum, especially the International Association of School Librarianship (IASL)


This Award is a gift program, designed to make it possible for a young school librarian, teacher-librarian, library assistant interested in school library services and Information Literacy working and living in Brasil to participate in an IASL conference. The person should be 40 years or younger. By participating the person is able to update his/her knowledge and skills and will be able to build a network of relevant persons and organisations.


The Award includes:

  • One year membership of IASL;
  • Travelling costs to the IASL annual conference;
  • Costs for accommodation;
  • 'Awards Dinner'
  • 'Gala Dinner'
  • Note:
    • As an award winner there are no registration costs;  
    • Costs for passport, visa, insurance and daily allowance are not covered by this grant. Winners are responsible for having the right documents.


The Award is administered by ‘Stichting Het Da Vinci Huis’ based in the Netherlands. A committee will select and nominate one person to the Stichting.


For 2018 the commission will consist of: 

  1. Katharina B.L. Berg, chair;
  2. Profa. Bernadete Campello, UFMG - Grupo de Estudos em Biblioteca Escolar; 
  3. Profa. Laura Vilela Rodrigues Rezende, da Faculdade de Informação e Comunicação da Universidade Federal de Goiás; 
  4. Profa. Adriana Bogliolo Sirihal Duarte da Escola de Ciência da Informação da  Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais .


Due tot the visa/visit restrictions for entering Turkey, the Award for 2018 will not be awarded.

Details of the future of the Award will be given as soon as possible.

The application form can be downloaded from this page Download

The application must be accompanied by:

  1. Curriculum vitae;
  2. Copy of librarianship diploma;
  3. A  short description of the school and school library where the candidate is employed;
  4. The reasons that motivated the application;
  5. Description of the potential benefits from the prize in case of being successful in his/her application;
  6. The name of a contact person of the school where the candidate is employed;
  7. Proof of sufficient knowledge of English by means of a Skype interview by one of the commission members.

Applicants should address their letter and supporting documentation to DVHpremio@gmail.com with the following information in  “subject “ area: Application, Complete Name, Fund DVH 2016.

The deadline for receipt of applications for the year 2017 is  1st Decenber 2016 

Further Requirements

At the IASL conference the winner is supposed to give a short acceptance speech on his/her expectations and needs. After the conference the winner is supposed to write an report for for the Foundation and disemminate her/his experiences to the professional field.


Further information:

Katharina B.L. Berg





 last update 10-1-2018